Learning arithmetic operations and calculation

Acquisition of the basics of mathematics is a major challenge in primary school. How to have a personalised and differenciated learning for each student ? How to capture their attention and make them want to learn and practice ? How to promote collaborative work of students and teachers ?

Technological advances in pen-based tablets allow writing with a stylus with ease and precision close to those of a paper sheet. This permits a student-machine interaction close to pen-and-paper habits. So we can assure a continuum between traditional and digital instruction. The added value of digital solution lies on its capability to analyse in real time the handwritten drawings of the child (what he writes on the tablet) to understand his reasoning and help him solve a problem, or to show him mistakes he may have done : here we talk about e-feedbacks.

The join laboratory “Script&Labs” works towards this challenge of analysis and automated interpretation of handdwritten productions (arithmetical operations) of the children. The design of those handwritten traces analysis engines represent a scientific barrier related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which is not overcome in existing educational software.

The pedagogical objective is focused on the making of number and more specifically on arithmetical calculation “inline” and “set down”: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

Adaptive learning processes will automatically be modelised and generated according to children profile and/or pedagogical choices of the teacher. In this way the student will have a personalised educational experience, based on automated diagnosis of its productions and will be able to acquire a real autonomy in its learning process.


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