Helping learning writing from year 1 to year 4 for French and latin alphabet languages

The IntuiScript project (PIA2) who gave birth to Kaligo was focused on learning writing at school from children aged 3 to 7. The success of achieved research and the enthusiasm of school boards after this first project results allow as to consider extending research to year 2 to year 4.

Acquisition of basics when learning french is a major vehicle for success in primary school. Project “Kaligo Français” aims for answering this issue through digital solutions and more precisely tactile pen-based tablets.

Recent tablets allow using a stylus with ease and precision close to those of paper and pen. Moreover research made by the joint laboratory in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow automated analysis and diagnosis of structured handwritten traces. In this context of digital innovation applied to education, the goal is to conceive an innovating solution for active and customised learning process for pupils.

Educational objective will focus on cursive (for France) and manuscript (for countries like England of Canada) writing of words and sentences, and especially skills related to flow and legibility of writing.


Innovation relies on the ability given by digital support to express oneself by free hand writing on digital tablet. This permits the student to do the same way he would do with pen and paper.

In addition, based on teacher written and spoken instructions, the objective will be to automatically provide the student with immediate guidance and corrective e-feedbacks.

Also, current state of the art in cognitive science sheds a light on the nature and workthrough of educational experience proposed to children and feedback customisation based on student maturity. Adaptive processes will be modeled and automatically generated according to child profile and/or educational choices from teacher. So the student will have a customised educational experience based on automatic diagnosis of his productions so he will acquire a real independence during his apprenticeship.

During this project, experiments will be carried out among children in primary school thanks to Académie de Rennes.

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